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Coco's Crochet Commission Info

Status: Open!

Hello! Here you'll find information on what I offer. Be sure to also read the terms of service before commissioning!

All prices are in United States dollars (USD) and vary by design.

What I can do:

  • Amigurumi / stuffed animal plushies

  • Bookmarks

  • Accessories for plushies or dolls (bows, hats, flowers, etc.)

Plushies are my specialty, and am willing to make just about anything ^.^
If its something I haven’t made before or a unique request (such as a plushie of a fictional character), references may be needed.

I can change the color and add accessories to any design if desired, and depending on color availability. Example: say you want a little octopus, but would prefer if it was green and had a bow. Can do!

Small plushies

  • $8 - $12

  • Price may vary depending on difficulty and customization

  • Examples:

Medium Plushies

  • $12 - $24

  • Price may vary depending on difficulty and customization

  • Examples:

Large or Custom Character Plushies

  • $25+

  • Price may vary depending on difficulty and customization

  • If requesting a fictional or original character, details and/or references are needed

  • Example:

Character Credits: Wattpad Users
AwgawinFiresnap - Gavin Myres (left)
Xman3148 - Mark (right)


  • $3 - $7

  • Price depends on size

  • Custom bookmarks can be requested if design details are provided

  • Examples (default pattern):

Interested? Feel free to contact me for commission details or if you have additional questions!

You can reach me on:

Terms of Service

General Information

Once I receive details of your commission, I will contact you about the process, desired colors, available colors, customization, any references that may be needed, and other details. I will send images of the item as it is made to make sure it is just as you want it to be, clarify any questions I may have, or make changes if needed.

Commissions may take from a few days to a month depending on the amount of items requested, size, customization, and difficulty. If anything comes up that delays the process, I will let you know.

I can give a price estimate prior to starting a project. "Standard" items or patterns I've made before have a fixed price, while custom items vary on a case-by-case basis.

All displayed prices are in United States dollars (USD). You can use a price conversion calculator to estimate the price in your currency.

Payments can be made via Ko-fi or PayPal. If living in Puerto Rico, payments are also accepted via ATH Móvil.

Payment for crochet items is due before it can be shipped, except for highly personalized plushies or bookmarks. In this case, I may request a deposit prior to starting. Said deposit will not exceed 50% of the total price, and the rest is to be payed prior to shipping.

"Standard" or non-custom designs do not require a deposit, and are paid when finished.

Commissions will be shipped once paid for. When requesting, its suggested you include an address to send the item to, though I will ask you prior to shipping to confirm the address as well.

After shipping, I will give you the package's tracking number and estimated arrival date if desired.

As an estimate, shipping fees for eastern U.S. are about $5. International shipping fees may vary.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellations can be made at any time prior to shipping.

In the case of custom or personalized items, deposits can be fully refunded if I haven't started or it has not reached the "sewing" stage yet (if the item requires sewing parts together). Once finished, the deposit cannot be refunded, but I will not request the second payment if cancelled at this stage.

Once shipped, items cannot be returned nor refunded unless given proper cause.